Handmade T-Shirt Quilts By Connie


Let us take those old t-shirts you’re no longer wearing and make a memory out of them. T-Shirt Quilts are a great way to remember the good times!

Time for Graduation—-T-Shirt Quilts are great gifts and keep the memories alive.

Welcome to Connie’s Collectibles & Quilt Shop, located in Duncansville, PA. At our shop we offer a variety of fabrics, books/patterns, quilting classes and of course handcrafted quilts and t-shirt quilts made especially for you.

The T-Shirt Quilt will give you something you will cherish for years or make an incredibly unique gift for someone special. With the t-shirts being provided by you, your quilt will unique for you and the only one like it!


  • Sports played as a child, high school & college
  • Harley Davidson shirts collected from different states
  • NFL / NHL / MLB sport teams that you follow each year
  • Childrens shirts kept from when they were small
  • Onezies from the baby wearing for a birthday quilt
  • Dance/Gymnastic shirts to remember
  • Hunting & Fishing shirts
  • Memories of Mom & Dad that are given to a child or grandchild
  • School colors and shirts from high school or college
  • Travel locations & Vacation spots
  • Military shirts collected
  • Fabric pictures can be added to give more creativity and individualize the quilt